Why do we initiate research projects? 

Living, learning and working in a healthy environment: We initiate research projects to pay closer attention to this foundational aspect of life, to create a scientific foundation, and especially to show how to achieve this goal.A renowned testing institute implements laboratory tests, with which the concentrations of volatile organic compounds can be measured in the indoor air. Xylene, toluene, or ethylbenzene are common pollutants that are often used as solvents in paints, lacquers, and adhesives. If there is no emphasis on choosing building materials that are low in harmful substances, several hundreds of these compounds can be detected in the indoor air.


The levels of these pollutants can be high enough to cause health problems in people who occupy new or renovated rooms. The conscious selection of building products, furniture, and cleaning agents that have been tested with health in mind should significantly lower the concentration of pollutants.


In reference projects, theoretical knowledge is practically applied, measured, and evaluated. This way, we ensure that healthier buildings are not only legally sound, but also practical and affordable. Our research projects are subject to strict criteria and documented and communicated transparently and with media impact. This enables the general public to partake in our interesting research projects.