Take advantage of health and sustainability with the market leaders

Healthy indoor spaces been gaining relevance for years. In building construction and maintenance, Sentinel Haus Institut offers all actors across the value chain a unique pool of competencies and experience for the entire field of health-related safety and comfort. This is evidenced by numerous projects and references in building materials wholesale, DIY (Do it yourself), the crafts, the construction industry, and the key construction industry.

The experts of Sentinel Haus Institut provide you with concrete, well-coordinated knowledge for long-term quality assurance. The emission of harmful substances - even in restoration and renovation - can be prevented, as well as the risks caused by harmful substances emitted in the indoor areas of a building. Consulting and projecting are clearly demarcated fro testing and certification.

We monitor the state-of-the-art of technology for our activities. Thanks to our publications and the Healthy Building Directory, which is currently the largest online product and project platform (www.bauverzeichnis.gesündere-gebäude.de), your company will benefit from this knowledge as soon as tomorrow. As an experienced consulting company, Sentinel Haus Institut provides you with expertise in healthier construction. With the following core competencies, we will collaborate with you to realise healthier buildings and healthier construction in collaboration.

Strategy workshop - company analysis & strategy healthier building and restoration

Brief overview

Are you planning to participate in the future and growth market of a healthier and sustainable building and real estate industry? Do you wish to achieve a true quality advantage in addition to meeting robust testing criteria and obtaining valuable unique selling points? Are you interested in powerful networks and expert knowledge?

Start with Sentinel Haus Institut's strategy workshop.

The content

  • Presentation of recent developments on the market and new opportunities.
  • The perspective of authorities and political developments
  • Market research and valuable experiential values for healthier and more sustainable building
  • Legal aspects and planning criteria for healthier buildings and products
  • Development of a target agreement for cooperation including milestones
  • Creation of concrete and target-defined strategy and measure documents
  • Determination of focus markets and measure options
  • Evaluation and selection of the measures and communication packages suggested as a result
  • Review of yield and potentials for added value