Healthy living and working are hot topics and perfectly suited for winning over customers

Sentinel Haus Institute holds valuable knowledge for the successful communication in the market issue of healthier construction and modernisation. We conceptualise and implement marketing solutions for you pertaining to healthy homes. 


Sentinel Haus Institut has access to unique, directly implementable expert knowledge for a healthier and sustainable construction industry. Safe and customer-oriented phrasing, self-explanatory graphics, films, and brochures ensure successful communication. In addition, we provide sales staff training and marketing for our customers for target-oriented and successful customer contact. The topic of health provides valuable unique selling points in the marketing and sales of construction materials, real estate, and services.

Overview of Marketing Concepts
  • Whiteboard film
  • Print media
  • Projects
  • Online marketing
  • Press releases
  • Figures
Marketing package - basic

Usage rights are regularly updated during the term (at least annually) for:

- Sentinel Haus Logo (not included for marketing purposes, product markings, or
product packaging), check lists, films, figures, print media, text
- Contents are updated annually
- Figures, images
- Text templates, expert opinions
- Guidelines + checklists
- Sentinel explains films can be integrated into customer websites or linked
- provision of annually updated exclusive information
- Research projects
- Newsletter
- Market developments
- Jurisprudence
- Newsletter as a source of information (11 x per year)
- Sentinel Haus Marketing check for the website
- One-time provision of integration into digital platforms (XING, Facebook, Twitter, websites/blogs, newsletters) at the beginning of the cooperation
- Yearly evaluation / looking back and ahead

Marketing package - premium

all services listed under basic

- A one-time press release (3500 characters) at the beginning of the collaboration + distribution via Sentinel Haus Fach press mailing list (approx. 150)
- Distribution of suitable releases via Sentinel press mailing list
-Integration of suitable information into Sentinel newsletter
- Networking with potential customers, tandem visits
- Introduction to contacts (investors and developers), if possible

3D Visualisation

Virtual spaces, real-world business. The tool for interactive 3D experiences.


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Create inexpensive and fast high-fidelity visualisations of real rooms to make a great impression and become more efficient.

Use the power of visual illustrations to communicate with customers or document projects! Optimise your work processes, attract more customers, impact interested parties and lower the cost.


Use for consumers

  • Comfortable: Quickly gain direct insight, no appointment or travel necessary.

  • Impressive: experience a tour experience with one click

  • informative: Integrated Info-Points provide additional information

  • Emotional: The customer moves about independently and develops an emotional connection


Click Info-Points: To receive lots of information, e.g. about pollutants, solutions, films and links related to "healthier buildings." 

This VR-compatible 3D animation enables you to move through a room as though you are actually on site. The doll house view creates a realistic feel for the building.



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Benefits at a glance

  • Awareness: Circulation via social media, increasing web traffic, easy integration into the website, etc.
  • Image: Innovative and impressive 3 D technology for online use and mobile devices
  • Stand out: Set yourself apart from your competitors thanks to future-oriented technology
  • Sales tool: a visual marketing resource
  • The next great storytelling tool: Make any story more vivid and offer something worth seeing, thus allowing your audience to be fully immersed.
  • Training: Convey content in a simple, informative, and interesting manner
  • Marketing: At trade shows + events, your rooms or products can be shown in any place and be transferred directly
  • 360° photos: Detailed 3D data and breathtaking 4K HDR high-contrast images for your marketing materials
  • Blue prints upon request

Benefits for individual industries

Fill residential units more quickly by showing prospective residents the property before they ever enter the building.

Construction, architecture and engineering

Optimised work processes, incorporation of interest groups and documentation of every step of your project.

Hotels, travel and event spaces
Give your visitors an idea of what to expect before they arrive.

Present your company and offer a preview of what customers can expect. Use the tool to let your staff provide customers with guided information. Offer your professional customers an individual model unit.

Enter a digital home!